Friday, May 11, 2012

The Elephant

Love, find me here...

In places where foreheads press in vain
Against a deeper strength.
Light leaks slipping through green canopies.
Souls flowing out,
Down into fields of tall grass,
Peace in an old, tired fence post
Placed there in days long gone, by sleeping spirits,
Broken only to the fools who thought
Themselves more enlightened.

Find me in the rough, sinewy skin
Contradicting graceful strides,
Intent and purposeful.
Body still flowing despite the workload.

The way his eyes close,
Head lowers, 
He knows.

It's in every exhale,
All the ways we have failed.

Find us here.

Monday, April 2, 2012


My days are wide,Quiet.Complete and still.

See, someday.
Smile your happy hidden soul.
Blow it throughThe faded eyes andNarrow mind -Wishing for the past youTook for grantedWhen it happened.

Oh, loveIt disappears.Bad times are real.You have to want to tryMore than shut your eyesIf ever you're to make it.

Or just smileand saygoodbye.