Sunday, June 23, 2013


Last night
He asked me to lay down beside him.
He held my head,
With both arms.

I was conscious of the weight
On his shoulder.
Of the bones
And frail.

Of his guitar nails
Tickling my shoulder
Like when I was a child.

I could hear his heartbeat
Breath pausing for too long.
A slight movement made
So he'd inhale again.

Then he asked me
If I ever wondered about
Our minds being too closed...

I told him
Only when I think it's open.

Changing True

Change me.
Get inside and shake everything.

A new peripheral vision slowly sweeping my skies,
I no longer recognize the faces around me,
I've spent all my time trying to know them.
Then, the sky falls, and I no longer know myself...

Growing into someone.
Growing away from you.

Empty and quiet and perfect.
The man who made me, failing,
my identity changing.

So, change me.
Make me who I am.
Pain and suffering,
free-flying Phoenix,
That cliche nosedived into deep blue.
Blue girl,
Eyes, fire, old to new,
Even though I care about you
Life happens as it needs to.

You said it was the same transition,
You deal with death ever-approaching
While I'm reborn.
It's losing you, and all I knew,
Or thought I was -
In your passing, I'm going to break through.

Here lies the shame, and truth:
All that held me back will die with you.

All those broken birds you've
Questioned my loving of,
I'll see it through.
And my guess is it will come to it's natural end
Along with you.
This is not for lack of love, but because of it...

All those lovely ones
Desperate to rescue me while trapped in a tree,
Branches leading them along lines too thin
To ever find their way back from

Someday I'll be done trying to reach them,
Reaching for you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Truth About Life

Sometimes, your petals fall off.

Sometimes it's winter and
You search for water and green
But find a sea of white.

Sometimes you're the one cloud
Separate and lagging
Behind the rest racing for
An endless blue above the ocean.

Sometimes a smile
And a hand-hold
Mean the whole world.

Sometimes you need your kid
To read you Rumi.
To sit with you quietly
While you cry on the inside.

Until you wake up in the deepest breath,
The clarity that makes no sense
In all this fear of life and death,

We're blessed to be here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Water

I met a boy,
high up in his thoughts
Escaping dark.

Keep it light.
Hush and smile,
Try to make her happy.

Don't dig too deep
Now's not the time
When it pulls you, skip aside...

It's ok
to disconnect.
Humanness is fluid.

Where you are one day you leave,

This is just to say,
It's ok.
With me.