Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Love the Broken Open Woman

Be fiercely independent,
and unafraid of vulnerability.

She will like to do things alone,
well planned and with purpose.
Be involved in your own activities, but want her.

Let her know she is wanted.

She will become absorbed in her passions, her purpose and work.
Sometimes in her analyzing, intellectual mind.
Don't mistake this for cold - just calculated.
Know not to fear the aloneness it leaves you in.
Be alone too.
We're all separate, navigating the edges of cliffs like lone trees,
roots reaching for the slowly eroding ground.
But then, this is not unique.

Whatever you need, know what you need, and have the means to provide it.
She's perceptive, and unless it is pressured, she'll meet you half-way
if ever you don't want as much space.

Whatever you do, don't fear the asking.

If she's gone inside herself for too long,
hand her a stone from a place that you wandered
and let your fingers linger in the passing.

You will stop time, and bring her to the present.
Be aware of her and she will be of you.
This intention will be noticed, and in this moment
she'll be a sea of love
filled by your small act of big bravery.

Let yourself be seen along with her.

Because she is reaching for the bones of you,
wanting to know your insides
what she already senses, whether you're prepared to be seen.
If you're ok with this seeking, you will know what it feels to be safe
in another's full acceptance.

For this woman knows her place in the universe, and yours -
Most of all, that it is perfect.

When she has to go, trust her.
She needs to get lost in the spin of the planet,
the vastness of the wilderness,
the variety of cultures to experience.
She is alive.
She is filling herself with the world, letting it sink in and change her.
The next time your paths cross, her heart open-even-wider
will swallow you whole, hungrier than before.
Don't expect the same energy, for she's ever-changing,
but always, always know her honesty.

I dare you to be moved, for a moment,
to hold her open, smiling stare
with her hand pressed to your chest.

She has all the love,
all the love -

Let it be for you.

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