Monday, May 30, 2011


Write for her the story of
The souls inside us.
Where all the heads are held high,
and space finds safety,
In the quiet between breaths
Of our heartbroken,
Beautifully bare and alone,
Body shaking cries.
Where cold and cutting
Pain finds the undying smile
And they linger there,
To hold each other awhile.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Courage = Desire > Fear

I need to write this down.
I need to hold this like I would a small soft thing,
Fragile and precious and God given.

I need to walk with it in the forefront of my mind
This gorgeous warmth, and acceptance,
This break from the mind to know oneness
That exists when I stop reasoning.
It's in reasoning I fear.

Love. Trust.
What already exists, what is there to be had -
I am listening to you.

I will sit in my soul and know
What is in your eyes, is in mine.
When I look to me,
I recognize you -

It is not a need,
It is not something to hold onto,
It is not even ours -
*Love is a tree that grew, and we are the shade.

I will be it's shade.

Separate, alone,
Strong on our own.
It will grow.
Falters included,
Our own goals will renew this.

Here is what I now know:
Realities need not discourage,
When all there is
Is my part
And that is enough.

* From Rumi's The Intellectual is Always Showing Off