Saturday, September 19, 2009

2007-2008 Poetry Blow

All entries below were written in the order posted, beginning the last week of August, 2007.

Lie Awake (Song Lyric)

When the sun goes down I find
Here I lie awake despite
My tired body
Traps the mind inside
Thoughts are calling me away
Stirring feelings
Just want to escape
Sleep it off today

Lie awake
Lie awake
You're still asleep

Now I know my vision's blurred
Now I have a reason to turn
Clarify what's mine
Tending to what needs to grow
Heart has heard the call and I know
I'm fine
One thing at a time.

Fly away
Fly away
I'm still.

I Am The Sea

I am the sea inside -
Even when the surface is smooth,
I yield rolling currents beneath.

I am the sea.

Curling waves, are emotion,
Climbing cliffs to lap at your toes.

I will lift you,
You will hold your breath.
I will carry you,
From the shores of your caution;
Your fear,

To drift on glistening waves,
vying with sunlight, rushing to dance
across your skin.

I will highlight the secret curves,
the imperfect pores -
I will find my way in.

I am the sea.
Longing, for release.
Freedom found in entry to your world.

We could trade tides,
your mind and mine.
I could quench my soul,
With the salt and the sweet.

We are the sea.


This bed is sand, slipping into cracks between fingers and folds of skin.
Small truths fall toward me, leaning, stretching, drifting closer
Like your body did.
My eyes are a flood of constellations, whispering more secrets,
That I'm still straining to hear with all my will.


Slipping behind liquid, fogging my vision.
Will this hurt I know away...

Last Night

She travelled oceans,
Across wind blown deserts,
Waited on shores in storms at high tide.
She dared chance the dark caverns,
Avoiding traps and triggers,
The broken bridges madly spinning in her mind.
We were lost, we two,
Wildly searching for the other,
Turning corners seeking solid ground to find.
At last we met at midnight,
While storm clouds hovered,
And cold rain poured outside.
Morning broke,
Soft light slipping through,
I still felt her hand in mine.

I awoke and pondered this:
Perhaps a dream is only worthy,
When eventually reality aligns.

Stay Sleeping

I hate the mornings when you go...
It's unhealthy I suppose,
Everyone must go to work.

But when I wake to find you there,
Fingers running through your hair,
Gliding over skin beneath your shirt.

Love has never felt alike,
To foggy minds of morning light...

... Too soon to recall all the hurt.

Pulling Me Under

She's a walking contradiction,
Hands you border puzzle peices with conviction,
And hides the centre in her pocket.

She'll scratch the surface couragously,
Then cower, terrified at what you see,
And rush to cover every other facet.

Finding words she wants to borrow,
Like "faithful, honest, loyal",
But her love points everywhere, at everything.

She'll tell you of secret passages,
Across 4000 miles they bridge
While she turns to look the other way.

She's understanding when she wishes,
But once you learn her different faces,
You'll be alone when her cover's blown.

She'll hold it all together
While she cracks beneath the pressure,
But you'll never see the difference 'til she's gone.

She's calm water over the undertow,
And I'm the one who'll drowned.


Silence lies between us,
We both know something's wrong.
Echos of conversations,
I must've had alone,

Since now the only beat I hear is staggered in my stomach,
While yours drums steady t'wards the wall.

I feel like falling.
Feel like walking,
Feel like taking flight.
I'll step in one direction
Cross my fingers that it's right,

That it's no worse than this tonight.

Spilling Ink

Poets, lay down your pens.
Put away your wishful words...
Spilled ink on stripped trees,
Too late to land the light that's found me.

Minutes to moments made their way,
Leaning heavily towards turning,
We all turned, 'round and 'round the sun
And now, the ceaseless lamps gently point their faces

The night that led the dew has faded,
Let your pensive thoughts retire -
Your hands take rest from moving 'cross the wanting pages.
The lamps have turned their light to fire.

Your whole heart on paper couldn't find this,
But I will hold this mirror,
Stand beneath it,
Send your ink to Earth and look to me.

Close Enough

Be thankful heart of hearts...
for the way my neck can arch to find your lips,
for the skips in heart-strings that this distance is insisting,
you should be here, and I there,
... doesn't really matter where.

Be thankful soul of souls
for the way we bend like flowers towards eachother,
and every other early-morning-late-night hour,
that I spend each moment of floating in the open,
across the bridging distance.
You know, it's never really far.

It will never be too far for me to find you

Whispering Nights and Sleeping Moons

Once I heard stars whisper
Broken words explaining love
They said to hold my cheek to yours
To gain their knowledge of.

I felt the mountains crying
Hot springs their melted tears
I drank their warm, wet waters
And tasted all their years.

Thirst quenched, I left to walk alone
and travelled to the sea.
I slept beneath the current
Where the cold wind couldn't reach me.

I woke to find you waiting
On the shore of midnight tide.
Skin salted by the ocean mist
Eyes glowing emerald fire

Stars danced along the milky way
Worked hard to light the sky
Two lovers grew close far below
While distant peaks did sigh

Spirits touched upon the wind
And hearts began embracing
Waves found rest upon the beach
The night the moon stayed sleeping.

Come September

She showed me secrets,
Nature's best,
Those nights she tapped upon my heart.
And now, she says, it's this her prize.

A month of madness moons,
and streetlamps flickering her words.
A sigh...

While the moon -
my heartstrings -
pull the tide.

This is no Quest.
T'was all that came before.
For when, come Equinox,
September moon gives rest.

Pull The Tide

Only to push forth time...

To the day she lays waste
the jealous, beggar stars.
When all poetic moments manifest...
The day, beside me, beats her heart.

I see that night...

...Even as the scowling stars drew back,
the night grew brighter.
Glowing eyes of lovers pieced together.
Their breath - so pulsed the moonlight,
feeding flames in one another
And the dawn - so far from sight,
Let them to that night, forever.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


She is but a shell
Cracked, creeping back
From the light, seeping in.

She is but a child
Craving warmth in a womb
That adult life eludes

Beauty, I beheld
Blinded by grief,
For who, once I knew.