Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pulling Me Under

She's a walking contradiction,
Hands you border puzzle peices with conviction,
And hides the centre in her pocket.

She'll scratch the surface couragously,
Then cower, terrified at what you see,
And rush to cover every other facet.

Finding words she wants to borrow,
Like "faithful, honest, loyal",
But her love points everywhere, at everything.

She'll tell you of secret passages,
Across 4000 miles they bridge
While she turns to look the other way.

She's understanding when she wishes,
But once you learn her different faces,
You'll be alone when her cover's blown.

She'll hold it all together
While she cracks beneath the pressure,
But you'll never see the difference 'til she's gone.

She's calm water over the undertow,
And I'm the one who'll drowned.

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