Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Am The Sea

I am the sea inside -
Even when the surface is smooth,
I yield rolling currents beneath.

I am the sea.

Curling waves, are emotion,
Climbing cliffs to lap at your toes.

I will lift you,
You will hold your breath.
I will carry you,
From the shores of your caution;
Your fear,

To drift on glistening waves,
vying with sunlight, rushing to dance
across your skin.

I will highlight the secret curves,
the imperfect pores -
I will find my way in.

I am the sea.
Longing, for release.
Freedom found in entry to your world.

We could trade tides,
your mind and mine.
I could quench my soul,
With the salt and the sweet.

We are the sea.

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