Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Courage = Desire > Fear

I need to write this down.
I need to hold this like I would a small soft thing,
Fragile and precious and God given.

I need to walk with it in the forefront of my mind
This gorgeous warmth, and acceptance,
This break from the mind to know oneness
That exists when I stop reasoning.
It's in reasoning I fear.

Love. Trust.
What already exists, what is there to be had -
I am listening to you.

I will sit in my soul and know
What is in your eyes, is in mine.
When I look to me,
I recognize you -

It is not a need,
It is not something to hold onto,
It is not even ours -
*Love is a tree that grew, and we are the shade.

I will be it's shade.

Separate, alone,
Strong on our own.
It will grow.
Falters included,
Our own goals will renew this.

Here is what I now know:
Realities need not discourage,
When all there is
Is my part
And that is enough.

* From Rumi's The Intellectual is Always Showing Off

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