Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Me Right (Song Lyric)

girl stepped to the music and the walls bent back
danced like a fox with a wild wild cat
girl smoked out the water and dried the sea
girl stopped the world spinning when she looked at me

oh yeah she loved me right
loved me right all through the night

she got a smile like the devil and a bite that stings
then she's oh so gentle make the angels sing
she can rock me heavy make my body shake
then turn on a dime make my poor heart ache

oh won't you love me right
for your touch you gonna make me fight
c'mon baby now just be nice
for that fire I got a light
oh can she love me right
straight down the barrel got me in her sight
yeah girl can love me right
love me right all through the night
love me right all through the night

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