Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shake Your Fate

Rounded eyelids, heart shaped lips,
Free fly, despite the tethered feathers,
Finding pleasure amidst the ever
Resolving past mis-hits.

She learned a lot, she knows her part,
She stayed in darkness long enough
To know the glow that told her,


You gotta turn it on.

There is no dawn that shines in shyness,

Light the fire that lives inside you,
You weren't meant to dim it, fake it,
question where it came in.

Just jump the gun, who says that's what
Can keep you grounded?

Maybe you were meant to find
A brighter light to take it higher,
That's what it took to discover
It ain't outside you.

Your inner sun, bringing you one
Who sees right through you, knows it too,
And has the strength to hold onto
Desire, the inner kind,
That finds a way to take today,
Make it what you always wanted -

That's the trick, it makes no difference
How you get there.
The universe, She doesn't care,
Until you're ok where
It is you are,
I'm right here.

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