Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snapshots of a Whole

When I wake the light is always behind you.
It makes so you come into focus slowly,
And I get to see each feature clear and alone,
Until the foggy waking mind can put it all together,

The scent of sunscreen and tree bark will always remind me of you.
Like pink booster seats, Stephen King, high ceilings,
Burnt butter and thick coffee.

These things are mine -
The stitches segmenting my life,
Into ours.

From bus stop walks to high school dances,
Those moments pulling heart-strings, always knowing,
When you need to feel me close
In reaching you'd not find empty air.
My hand would be there.

Knowing this, one day we'd start again -
Fresh and newborn,
To live the stages I didn't share with you,
It fills me now, how deeply my heart longs to.

I'll watch the lines of our story deepen
Around your eyes and mine.
Settle in the truth of time gone by,
The joy only felt and known
When we've stayed long enough to see it.

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