Monday, October 18, 2010

Square Hot Air Balloon.

Don't want so much so fast,
Take it easy, take a breath,
More is an addiction that can't last.

Something happens to the child, content and entertained,
Growing smaller in a body getting older.
How strange, how suddenly,
It starves itself by looking further...

Sweet Passion Pressure
Never got the heart to better,
Just made it twisted up and under.
So fit me in a box of gray,
And watch the wind blow me away...

Or was it you who floated out to sea,
While watching clouds you thought were me,
Drift by with no apology?
Perspective straightens things.

Don't want so bad to know me,
You'll miss out on who I am,
Just a character in stories
Written in a flourished hand,
Who's prophecy, who's cross to carry,
Can you draw a line? No?
Erase it all and right and wrong
Will cease to cloud your mind.

That's where to find me.

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