Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dharma, 1.

Come walking so to kiss this
Plain and pliant mouth.
Don't think more about,
The second guessing of the self.

Jump in mirrored puddles,
Cup your hands and drink,
Let go the hold on all of those
Unnecessary instincts.

Lend me your fingertips,
To place against these fuller lips,
The air has touched them cold and crisp and clear...

Give me the feeling of your face,
To blend in all this open space,
My hands seek gently,
Tangles in your hair.

I wouldn't be so blind
As to keep my eyes
Looking away.

I'd spread my arms and lift them,
Open windows you could drift in,
Stay smiling silent,
Still in words,
We needn't say.

Beautiful man,
Let's be naked under streetlamps.

Beautiful woman,
Bare and anything but innocent.

Still dancing with her hair wild,
Wading in the river's side,
Singing out "There's no such thing as time... "

So we drop all expectations,
Brave to strip and dive in,
The water wide, pregnant
With everything.

We swim out to the deep end,
Lay limp beneath the surface,
And float there, warm as children,
I learn to breathe herein.

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