Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here and Gone

There are some moments that take hold of us...
That lie dormant somewhere deep in our memory, in our molding;
only to re-emerge at the change of season, or the scent of wet forest, or the way the wind can blow away your burdens for one beautiful breath.

There are some moments that call forth a long lost ache - or a forgotten emotion that fills your heart with content.
They can be heavy, they can be light.
Sometimes they are both.

... Oh, to hold onto those moments.
To live those feelings again.
To stop for that one fleeting second, and let them fill you...
to be so lucky as to not miss them the second time.

Those moments filled my day today.
They brush the sensitive places in my body, mind and heart.

The change of season.
The smell of wet mountain trails.
The breeze that blew the tightness from my shoulders and made my soul look further from this town, for a moment.

For one moment, I smile at the secret that I haven't quite figured out.
For one moment, I smile in thanks at the single tear slipping down my cheek.

For one moment I hold on and let go, all at once.

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