Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I, Willow

Walking slowly with intention,
Overlapping in dimension
Flowing formless, touching solids,
Roots tethered to amorphous.

Then she came in, she came in,
Passing through me on the wind,
To settle in her spaciousness,
To give love and forgive love.

And off we went, off we went,
To find what occupied the mind,
To let it go and shed some light,
To bring it back again,

When all is fine, it's always fine,
Sings sparrow of the stream,
In giving up resisting,
I feel it carry me.

Pain is pleasure in perspective,
Thoughts don't often hold the answers,
What and why will pass on by -
Right here is all we know.

I am the field I rest in,
I am arrow, I am bow.
My strength in bending, feather's lending
Courage to let go.

Release is in the weeping,
Split air the whistled cry,
I hope to have no target,
I wish only to fly.

But if my arc must end
To soft, warm earth I'll go.
Landing broken into wholeness,
And know the growth of willows.

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