Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Thing God Created Is A New Day

If it's a joke then put it on me,
Send your caution carelessly,
'Cause it's not me who minds.
It is the sky and it's inside me.

I know the kind, I know,
I'm new and fresh and young,
Except that I have seen the sun,
Grow old and tired of storms and fire,
She falls to cool beneath the sea.

To give her rest, I would that it were me.

Stay quiet, don't you say a word
Don't resist the breath of hurt
You hold it all so tightly,
Let it go.

No need to say you love me,
Just hear what I am giving,
Let it sit there, let it sink in...

On paper, just appearance,
Ink in a plastic figure
Ball point rolls away
and I am tired...

He wrinkles in his sigh,
But just around his eyes.

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