Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stop and Go (Song Lyric)

While she sits her silence fills the room up
As he paces across the floor.
She smiles an empty smile and faces him
Is convinced he doesn't see there's more.

He wonders why he's there at all,
Just to watch her take her time
to tiptoe all around
when what she means
is let me go.

He wakes tired of eyes wide open daily
Waiting on a change to come.
Packs a bag and leaves his love on the railing.
She comes home and there the chase has begun.

They say every other season changes,
They say sun will always follow the rain,
We go back and forth between the spaces
Always occupied on different days.

And I wonder why I'm here at all
To watch you take your time
in tiptoeing around
when what you mean
is let me go.

While she sits the silence fills the room up.
Through the pain a little light can be seen.
The ties unbind and despite the breaking,
Be still and feel a sense of relief.

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