Thursday, February 27, 2014

If I Were Anyone Else

If I were anyone else, I'd say,

Dear lovely thing,
Open your eyes!
All around are encounters of the universal kind.

Some say magic,
Some say fate,
I say the world is a beautiful place.

And when the 'need' to know arises,
Consider it's a liar,
Convincing you it's safer to see all you can in advance.

You don't need to know when and how to dance.
Just close your eyes, slow the mind,
Open your hands.

Yes, you're still a little shaken.
A little less collected than expected.
Brief connections show you this;
All of it,
Is just what is.

Although you love to make it so,
There is no line between the world and you.
Here is what's true:

There is no outcome worthy of your fear.

Just be here.

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